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Episode 549

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John Dame is a business strategist who has built a reputation for insightful evaluation, planning, and a passion for driving results — all of which have grown his involvement with companies and organizations internationally as an executive coach and leadership development facilitator for senior teams. John understands the risks, challenges, and opportunities facing both seasoned and emerging CEOs, and guides leaders as a Vistage Chair for executive peer groups. John is also focused on the role of purpose in business and the new challenge of transitioning toward a millennial-based workforce. So in 2015, he introduced an annual business conference called “EVOLUTION” and focused on implementing purpose-driven leadership.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • The biggest issue impacting business today
  • The importance of establishing your vital priorities every day
  • Why you need to slow down to speed up
  • Why you need to stay in the moment and stay focused when talking with someone
  • Why having self-awareness is a critical skill to master
  • The value of working on something immediately, even if it’s difficult
  • Why the vision needs to be defined, clear, and in line with the purpose
  • Taking time to define roles and behaviors from people that you want to see in your organization
  • Being aware of how you show up as a leader


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