The one page business plan, with Jim Horan

Episode 687

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Jim Horan is the founder and president of The One Page Business Plan Company, an experienced Fortune 500 executive, sought after thought leader, advisor to startups, CEOs and their management teams as well as other industry leaders. Seventeen years ago, Jim simplified the business plan to a single page and began a revolution that continues to this day.  Jim’s first book, “The One Page Business Plan for the Creative Entrepreneur” instantly became an Amazon best seller and Inc. Magazine listed the book as one of the Top 10 “Start Your Own Business” books of 2015.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why business is first and foremost about people
  • The purpose of a one page business plan
  • Why the most significant risk to your business is not being understood
  • How a one page business plan helps your business clarify its objectives
  • The importance of professional trade business associations
  • The power of picking up the phone to accelerate your business
  • Why you should not try to sell to people within your network
  • The value of business relationships when building your business
  • When client acquisition becomes easier
  • Listening to your intuition and moving towards things you are attracted to

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