Businesses must have the DNA of a media company, with Ian Lamont

Episode 686

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Ian Lamont is the founder and president of i30 Media Corporation, a media venture specializing in reference materials, technology news, and how-to guides, including the award-winning “IN 30 MINUTES” series of guidebooks and “PRIORITY PAYLOAD REPORT”, the independent newsletter of industrial automation. He is also the creator of the Lean Media framework, which helps creative people and production teams develop media that matters.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why businesses today need to have the DNA of being a media company
  • The importance of building an audience for your brand
  • What issues surround creating media for your business
  • What mistakes businesses make when creating media
  • The benefits of making a list to help tackle your priorities each day
  • The importance of knowing when your most productive time of the day is
  • Why the most critical skills to master are building and selling
  • The need to create media that is going to benefit your customers
  • What mistakes to avoid when creating media for your business
  • Why finding a product or service that people really want or need is critical

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