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Episode 471

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Jared Nichols is a deep futures strategist, executive advisor, speaker, and coach. He provides the tools to help business owners and their organizations gain competitive advantage, seize new market opportunities, drive in new revenue, and increase profits. Jared is also the host of the small business podcast presented by the National Small Business Association entitled, “The Road Ahead: Small Business in the 21st Century”, which focuses on practical tips and insights for small business owners on how to create growth in a volatile and uncertain environment.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Jared’s background
  • What a deep futures strategist is
  • Market want vs. market need
  • Why you need to know how to create context
  • Avoiding habits that drive your productivity down
  • Why it’s important to be comfortable thinking about the future
  • Why you need to be bold and trust yourself
  • Having the ability to anticipate change and disruption and take action in the present
  • Why you have to risk being disliked in order to truly help people
  • Why you need to always be aware of your intention and your reaction to what you do


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