Using LinkedIn to target your top prospects, with Jake Jorgovan

Episode 672

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Jake Jorgovan is the founder of Lead Cookie, which helps B2B sales teams generate leads through done-for-you LinkedIn prospecting and Outbound Creative which helps consulting companies win their dream clients through custom consulting and done-for-you outreach campaigns. He is also the author of the upcoming book “Win Your Dream Clients.”

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why LinkedIn is such a powerful social network and a great tool for new business development
  • The importance of being consistent with your morning routine
  • The value of writing down your top three wins for the day
  • A dark spot in Jake’s life that forced him to reflect on what he was really good at
  • Why you need to have self-awareness and the ability to recognize your own ignorance
  • Understanding the financials of your business
  • How to get things off your plate that drain energy from you
  • Creating a vision and focus for everyone in the organization
  • Why you need to focus on creating value when starting a business

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