Your One Word, with Evan Carmichael.

Episode 398

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At 19, Evan Carmichael built and then sold a biotech software company. At 22, he was a venture capitalist helping raise $500,000 to $15 million. He now runs, a popular website for entrepreneurs and breathes and bleeds entrepreneurship. His goal is to help 1 billion entrepreneurs and change the world. He speaks globally and calls Toronto home.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Evan’s background
  • Why it’s more about the mindset than hitting the target when it comes to goals
  • Why it’s important to Evan to make the entrepreneurial path easier for others
  • Why having a morning routine & an environment for success is so important
  • Why you need to consume some kind of content every day that gets you thinking bigger
  • What you can learn from looking at other business models as well as other people’s successes & failures
  • Why you should master self-awareness
  • Why it’s important to build your business beyond just yourself
  • Why you need to spend more time doing what you’re really good at
  • What makes a successful entrepreneur
  • Why you should just get started and adjust along the way instead of planning for perfection
  • Finding the schedule, routine & balance that works for you


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