Invention of the smartphone, with Dr. Rocco Martino.

Episode 462

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Dr. Rocco Martino is the inventor of the SmartPhone — and — has been a pioneer in the tech industry for 65 years. He is the author of 28 non-fiction books and five novels. His most recent book is entitled, “The Coming Technology Tsunami”, which shared Rocco’s vision of how technology will affect all of us in the next 10-years. It will be an unsettling time, but full of promise. Millions of jobs will be lost. Deliveries will be made by robots in driverless vans. The Smartphone will revolutionize education. We will launch our first colonization trip to Mars. The status quo will be disrupted and no profession or activity will be unaffected. And it will all happen in the next 10-years. This is going to be an insightful conversation!

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Dr. Martino’s background
  • The story of the early days behind the CyberFone & SmartPhone
  • Why Dr. Martino changed his strategy of trying to sell the hardware to trying to license the software
  • How Dr. Martino could not enforce his patent because he was not a telephone or communications company
  • How Dr. Martino created a $750 billion industry but received nothing
  • Dr. Martino’s dream of going to outer space
  • Why Dr. Martino feels that the history of the future is so obvious
  • How we are close to being able to carry on a conversation with a robot
  • How the power of association has been a contributor to Dr. Martino’s success
  • Why, if you’re down, pray, meditate, & move forward


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