Stagnation kills companies, with Frank Cottle.

Episode 461

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Frank Cottle is CEO of Alliance Virtual Offices and Chairman of the Alliance Business Centers Network with over 650 centers operating in 42 counties. He is the recognized expert on flexible working, the virtual office movement, and third place working. Prior to creating the Alliance brand, Frank successfully operated his own portfolio of business centers in multiple locations across North America. Frank has spent almost 30 years delivering business services that are finely turned to the workplace needs of startups, entrepreneurs, and growing small businesses. He has worked with tens of thousands of business owners and has become the go-to authority on flexible and remote work.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Frank’s background
  • Why Frank believes that the secret to time-saving and focus is building a team
  • Why you cannot leave anyone out of the communications in a company
  • Why you need to find joy in your work every day
  • Why Frank’s goal is to be the best student of his industry
  • Why you need to understand cycles and treat them differently
  • Empowering people so that they can make decisions above & below their responsibilities
  • Why you need to look at how you’re going to react quickly to any given situation
  • Why stagnation kills companies
  • Why the most important thing in business is flexibility


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