Choose honey over vinegar, with Dr. Marcie Beigel.

Episode 357

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Dr. Marcie Beigel has been redesigning behavior for professionals, families, schools, and businesses for over 15 years. Her specialty is engaging with behaviors directly and giving clear and insightful directives to clients ­­ who are oftentimes ­­ business owners looking for balance at home to help create balance at work or new approaches to become better leaders. Her approach is heartfelt, but filled with tough love. You can get her weekly behavior newsletter at Dr. Marcie is also featured on NBC’s Parenting Toolkit.


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Why did you write your book?

Dr. Marcie had people come up to her for years asking for her to write a book — and she talked to people that read books like the one she would be writing so that she would have content that would connect with her readers and not just content that she would enjoy.

What have been the big benefits of the book?

Writing a book will get people to take you more seriously — and Dr. Marcie has found that people are more willing to dive in deep with her after reading because they feel they already know her.

Why did you decide to hire a publicist — and — what has been the impact of that decision?

Hire people to do the things you don’t want or have the expertise to do — and Dr. Marcie hired someone with the expertise to cultivate the right marketing plan for her book.

What is the most critical skill for getting your book done?

  1. Take small steps — and don’t get derailed.
  2. Manage the people that you outsource pieces of the process to

What has been your proudest moment as a business owner?

A lot of Dr. Marcie’s employees work remotely — and Dr. Marcie gets very proud of what she’s built when they all get together for a business dinner. AWESOME!

What’s one secret you can share to help move businesses onward?

  1. You need to speak with purpose
  2. You need to do more and speak less
  3. Choose honey — you have to come from a positive perspective

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