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Episode 644

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Dixie Decker is a real estate investor and housing specialist who has extensive experience with complex real estate transactions having bought, financed, and overseen transactions in excess of $26 million. She specializes in student housing, turning regular single family homes into multiple units for students and now has over 200 tenants. Dixie also hosts multiple workshops and tours, even introducing her local competitors and their business models…in full transparency…to create an exceptional learning experience for all of her attendees. Dixie attributes her success to her team building, talent, and systems in place for automating the business.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The power of changing your mindset
  • Why follow-up and taking action are vital habits for success
  • How documenting your actions can help free up your time to do other things
  • How pace, patience, and persistence can lead to more money and opportunity
  • Why you should consider getting a mentor sooner rather than later
  • Mastering your inner circle
  • Why you shouldn’t give up on a strategy before you find out if it’s working
  • Taking action to generate revenue
  • Why you need to have systems in place
  • How the fear you feel can be false

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