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Episode 528

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Cole Fox is a passionate believer in sales and entrepreneurship. He started his career in the wine industry and then immediately founded a vodka company. Then during the 2008 economic meltdown, he shifted his career into sales…full-gear…he sold office supplies, door-to-door. And that wasn’t easy Onward Nation…so he soon discovered the magic of technology and was lucky enough to be among the first hired at LinkedIn. From there, he became passionate about startups and has recently been a ‘resident sales hacker’ at many venture-backed tech startups. He now runs sales for a sales hacking tool called LeadIQ.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • How bio-hacking can contribute to your success
  • How LeadIQ works
  • The top preparation and time-saving tools that Cole uses and highly recommends
  • A tough lesson that taught Cole to take logic into play
  • Mastering the essential skill of sales in order to thrive in business today
  • Filling in the holes in your business development and sales pipeline
  • The main challenge that business owners face
  • Why you should focus on continually improving yourself a small amount every single day
  • The importance of implementing a list-building tool as part of your business development plan
  • Getting outside of your head and the way you view the world


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