Power of 1 Daily Discipline, with Chris Prefontaine.

Episode 487

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Chris Prefontaine has been in the trenches of the real estate industry for over 25 years. He has learned the business from the ground up by building over 100 single family homes, owning a Realty Executives franchise, and then selling his brokerage business to Coldwell Banker. Chris is a practitioner at heart — which is why his company “Pre Property Solutions” still buys between 4 to 10 properties each month where Chris and his family practices what he preaches. His company has done over $75 million in real estate transactions. Chris has passion for helping others and for helping them grow and realize their full potential, which is why Chris also coaches other investors on how to apply the system he developed and mastered over the last several decades.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Finding a mentor that mimics the success that you want to achieve
  • How the ‘Power of 1 Daily Discipline’ keeps you accountable to your goals
  • Staying focused with time blocking techniques
  • A valuable lesson on communication that Chris learned from one of his mentors
  • How mental strength affects everyone & why it’s a critical skill to master
  • The value of outsourcing tasks to other people
  • Adding income streams & putting people in those roles
  • The importance of having an accountability partner
  • Why you need to be 100% coachable
  • How to be at the top 5% of your field


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