July 13, 2017

Bruce Eckfeldt

Episode 534: The 52 Habits, with Bruce Eckfeldt.

After 10-years of running the company he founded — and having worked with dozens of early-stage founders and CEOs — Bruce Eckfeldt developed 52 habits that help entrepreneurs be better managers — because most entrepreneurs struggle to be good managers. And now Bruce shares a habit a week with his ever growing community — which are easy to use tips on how to apply them to your day-to-day work and grow your business faster and easier.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Creating a defensible calendar to help you accomplish your ‘big rocks’
  • Forming a habit of assuming positive intent
  • Using relationship power over role power
  • An important decision-making process that Bruce learned in the early stages of his business
  • Making the transition of being focused on the client to being focused on the culture when you are in a founder role
  • Why entrepreneurs are typically bad managers
  • Developing a way of thinking that focuses on ‘we’ not ‘I’ when it comes to the work
  • The value of implementing a 90-day planning cycle
  • How a talent review, clear priorities, and a culture of accountability can ensure success


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