Your 25-year desired future, with Bill Watkins.

Episode 369

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Bill Watkins is a West Point graduate, decorated Army officer, world-class athlete, corporate executive, and an entrepreneur who took his business from his garage to an eight-figure enterprise before he sold it. As co-founder of the Rusty Lion Academy, Bill now connects to and coaches successful men seeking more significance, clarity, wealth, fun, freedom, joy, and control in both their businesses and lives. He leverages his story of financial success combined with nearly catastrophic personal failure to shortcut men beyond such catastrophes and toward permanent growth using proven, proprietary methods.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Bill’s journey
  • Owning your morning to build your perfect day with Bill’s weekday warrior morning
  • Bill’s priority management system that helps him focus his time
  • Saying no to unimportant many and saying yes to the critical few
  • The disease of yes
  • The 25-year desired future: writing the life you want to live
  • The seven freedoms
  • Getting clear on what you’re deeply passionate about
  • Getting clear on what you’re really good at
  • Figuring out how to get people to pay you for the two above things


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