Brand citizenship and guiding principles, with Anne Bahr Thompson

Episode 861

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Named Trust Across America 2018 Top Thought Leader in Trust, Anne Bahr Thompson has been inspiring business leaders to use their brands as a force for change for many years. With more than 25 years of experience as a global brand strategist, Anne is the author of DO GOOD, which explains her pioneering model of Brand Citizenship® and the cultural dynamics that led to the creation of the model.

A former executive director of strategy and planning and the head of consulting at Interbrand, Anne is the founder of Onesixtyfourth, a creative and strategic consultancy that helps that leaders integrate purpose and social responsibility into their brands, business strategy, and corporate culture.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What has been happening for Anne since her previous appearance on Onward Nation in episode #709
  • Why Anne has firmly focused her thought leadership around the specific area of brand citizenship
  • How Anne spent seven years on semi-sabbatical while writing her book, due to the research time involved
  • How Anne’s dedication to brand citizenship started when she was nine years old and questioning the decisions of others
  • Why authenticity and aligning your values with your brand are an important component of brand citizenship
  • Why it’s important to have everyone in your organization working toward the same purpose and goals
  • Why basing your choices solely on profitability can cause more problems than they solve
  • Why Anne defines success as having the ability to contribute your unique gifts to the world and those you serve
  • How clearly defining your purpose can resonate throughout your organization and guide your operating principles
  • What advice Anne would share about overcoming your fears and standing up for your beliefs

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