April 18, 2017

Amy Bruske

Episode 474:

Amy Bruske, author of BUSINESS IS BUSINESS: Reality Checks for Family-Owned Companies, is the president of Kolbe Corp and leads seminars for business leaders throughout the world. She was recently named Business Owner of the Year by the Phoenix chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO).

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Amy’s background and the goals of Kolbe Corp
  • How Amy marries business with human behavior studies
  • Why being “the smartest person in the room” doesn’t always yield productivity
  • The definition of “conative”
  • How the conative part of the mind can be used as a model for success
  • Why you should focus more on the end result than the process whenever possible
  • The recipe for “analysis paralysis” and how to avoid it
  • Why people fail in organizational training courses
  • How running a business is similar to parenting
  • Amy’s prioritization techniques
  • Why it’s important to measure mental energy rather than time
  • When to say “no”
  • Amy’s daily habits for achieving success and reducing stress
  • What to aim for as an entrepreneur
  • Why “good advice” can be harmful


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Stephen Woessner

Stephen is the CEO of Predictive ROI and host of the Onward Nation podcast. He is the author of two bestselling books, speaker, trainer, and his digital marketing insights have been featured in SUCCESS, Entrepreneur, The Washington Post, Forbes, Inc. Magazine, and other media.