3 Simple Podcast Production Tips to Help You Sound Like a Pro

3 Simple Podcast Production Tips to Help You Sound Like a Pro

Podcasts are great tools for your content marketing strategy. From building an awesome brand for yourself or company to connecting with other experts, podcasts have the ability to bring awareness to content. Something that can be overlooked though is the quality of a podcast and how the audio is recorded. If not done right, your message could easily be missed or unheard.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy expensive equipment to produce a studio-quality podcast!

If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner thinking about producing a podcast to enrich your content marketing strategy, here are three simple podcast production tips to help you sound like a pro!

Find a quiet space for your Podcast

When looking to start a podcast, consider where you are going to record. If you work from home, find a quiet space where you are away from anything that can make noise. Find somewhere that will allow you to shut the door and block outside noise. If you have a podcast in your office building, find a quiet room as well.

Best way to create a quiet space:

  • Use a room that has carpet or place a rug on the floor to reduce echo.
  • Sit away from the window to reduce the chances of hearing traffic, birds, and/or trains.
  • Take out the landline if located in your studio.
  • Create a way to signal that you are in an interview on your door. If you work in an office, block out time on your team’s shared Google Calendar. This will reduce the chance of interruptions.

If you are unable to find a space in either your office or home, renting a studio could be another solution.

Invest in podcast equipment

Clean and great quality audio is important when it comes to publishing your interviews.

Have you ever looked for a new podcast that fit your interests only to turn it off because of the audio quality or the host spoke too close to the mic?

You don’t have to go out and spend thousands of dollars on equipment to sound like a professional but investing in a good mic and editing programs should be something that you consider.

When looking for great equipment:

Microphones: be sure to check reviews and YouTube videos to see how the quality is. There are popular brands such as Yeti, Apogee MiC, and Audio-Technica, and they all vary in price. If you are just starting, don’t worry about purchasing something expensive. Find a microphone that is reliable, gives great quality, and is affordable. Yeti is a great brand to look into.

PROI Suggestion: Yeti Pro

Editing Software: There are a lot of programs that can edit audio for podcasts. A popular program that you can use is Adobe Audition. It does cost but, there are other free options as well such as Audacity. I use Audition because I work within the Adobe Creative Suite for other projects. It comes down to what you are comfortable with spending.

PROI Suggestion: Adobe Audition

Checking guest’s audio quality before podcast interview

One of the biggest issues when it comes to podcasts is the guest’s quality.

You need to take charge of the quality of your podcast because the podcast reflects back on you and your guest.

What you need to remember is that asking your guest to be on your podcast is a win/win situation. They are excited to share their knowledge and experience. Your podcast is giving your guest the opportunity to position themselves as an expert in their field and talk about their product or service.

Unsure how to bring up the topic about their audio equipment? Sending an Equipment Sheet is a great way to communicate with your guest about audio quality. Sending an Equipment Sheet will help your guest be sure to sound their best before the interview.

Make sure both you and your guest sound awesome:

  • Shut off all Internet browsers and programs besides Skype.
  • Connect your laptop or desktop to the router. This will create a strong connection. If you are still unsure, restart your computer before the interview.
  • When you and your guest sign onto Skype, spend a couple of minutes to test each other’s mics. Be sure to block the necessary time out beforehand in both calendars.

Things you need to ask yourself before the interview: Does their mic sound okay? Is there a fan running? Is there a barista telling someone their venti soy mocha frappuccino is ready? Don’t be afraid to say no to poor quality! On Onward Nation, we try to prevent poor quality by refraining a guest call in from their cell phone. If they are in a busy location, we will request to have them find a quiet space or reschedule.

By applying these tips, you will be able to reduce the post-production time for your podcast. Your editor will appreciate this and your audience’s ears will thank you.

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