5 Step Guide to Developing a Brand for Your Podcast

5 Step Guide to Developing a Brand for Your Podcast

Developing a brand is an important piece when it comes to marketing your podcast. There are key things you need to think about such as your audience, mission, tagline, title, visual design, logo, and slogan, the latter of which is important when it comes to developing a brand for your podcast.

#1: Identify Your Audience

Looking at who you want as your audience is important. Research what your niche is and how that could help your listeners. Think about their pain points and how your podcast will be of value to them.

If you already have a company or business, you could frame your podcast to target your current client avatar. Once you can pinpoint who you want to target and what your topic will be about, you need to sit down and develop a mission statement and tagline.

#2: Developing a Mission Statement and Tagline

Your podcast’s mission statement does not have to be long. Usually two to three sentences should be okay.

To help you create your mission statement, we’ve created a template for you to use:

This podcast aims towards [Audience] in [Category] Industry, who may be struggling with [Pain Points]. This podcast’s goal is to provide [Value/Solution].

Your tagline is a short version of your mission statement. It does not have to be big, you can sum it up in a single sentence if you wanted to. The tagline for our podcast, Onward Nation, has 12 words in it:

America’s Best Podcast for How Top Business Owners Think, Act, & Achieve.

Remember to keep it simple and straight to the point.

#3: Selecting a Title

The title of your podcast should also reflect the mission and desired theme. Before you decide what your name should be, it’s best to do a little research before setting your mind on something.

If you are set on, for example, “The Business Strategy Podcast,” check here to see if someone else has the domain name and if the domain is already tied to a podcast. If the title is available, go ahead and purchase the domain name.

#4: Visual Design

Selecting the colors for your podcast brand is important. The colors that you pick should compliment the overall theme. If your company has official colors, that could work great to keep the consistency of branding between your podcast and business.

If you decide not to go with your companies colors, be sure to research colors and see how you can draw on emotion for your audience. For instance, blue is a calm color whereas yellow can represent optimism. Learn how your brand can invoke different emotional responses based on the colors you choose here.

#5: Logo and iTunes Cover Art

Designing a logo and the iTunes Cover Art is an important piece to your podcast. Your logo and cover art should stand out, be visually friendly, and be able to tell everyone what your podcast is about within two seconds of looking at it.

When thinking about a cover art design, think about your podcast’s theme and what inspires you. If you are going to focus on manufacturing, place in some tools and gears into the logo and cover art.

There are ways you can go about creating your logo and design assets. If you have a designer in-house, that is great, or if you don’t, you can outsource to outside freelancers or firms.

It is critical to take time when you are developing a brand. Your podcast’s brand should be a reflection of you or your company that people will be able to follow and develop a trusting relationship.

We hope this guide was helpful! If you have questions about developing a brand for a podcast or questions in general, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we would be more than happy to help you!

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