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Welcome to the Sell with Authority podcast. This podcast is for agency owners, business coaches, and strategic consultants who are looking to grow a thriving profitable business that can weather the constant change that seems to be our world’s reality. In addition to hosting the show, I’m also the CEO of Predictive ROI and the co-author of the book Sell with Authority. I had the privilege of writing the book alongside Drew McLellan, CEO of Agency Management Institute. From time to time, Drew will join me here on the podcast as my guest to share his latest insights and strategies around what helps someone become an authority and why that matters because here’s the thing — we’re entering the era of the authority.

While you may already be sick of the phrase thought leader, the truth is there aren’t many of them, and thought leaders don’t write content that anyone could claim. Thought leaders don’t write about anything and everything. And thought leaders never, ever compete on price. And their time is right now. Experts are afforded the highest level of confidence and trust because they have a depth of knowledge and point of view that can’t be denied — and it cannot be easily replicated. The Sell with Authority podcast is devoted to helping you and your team capitalize on that.

Business today is on the cusp of a huge shift, and if you commit to planting your flag of authority deeply — your authority position will help you future-proof your business. As you’ll hear in our episodes, we’re going to move up and down the sales funnel to show you how to create a simple and attractive path for your audience so that you can create a steady stream of well-prepared, right-fit prospects flowing into your business. It’s worth noting that while you hear our guests and me talk about the sales funnel as if it’s linear — it’s most certainly not.

Your prospects will move back and forth within the funnel, swimming both up and downstream, and they’ll do that repeatedly. Sooner or later, you need your prospects to move through all of the stages of the funnel and get to the buying stage no matter how many times they bounce back and forth before they get there. And because of this behavior, you need to be ready by serving up the right helpful content at the right time. In today’s hyper-competitive market for awareness intention — your authority position has to be channel agnostic to survive the test of time. So during our episodes, we’ll share with you and your team precisely how to do just that.

Here’s the bottom line for why the Sell with Authority podcast exists. Want to know how to attract a steady stream of well-prepared prospects into your sales pipeline and how to convert them into right-fit clients without them ever feeling like a prospect? Yep, we’re going to have episodes on that. How do you step away from the sea of competitors so you actually stand out? Yep, we’re going to have episodes on that. Want to know how to future-proof your business by becoming the authority in your niche? Yep, we’re going to have episodes on that too.

I promise you each episode will contain high-level strategic insights from the best minds in the business. And we’ll also go eye level with tactical recommendations and tangible examples of best practices that you can take and apply. Every step, every tool that you need to establish your authority position, to grow and nurture your audience, and to build your business will all be here in full transparency.


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Sell with Authority Podcast

The Sell with Authority Podcast is for agency owners, business coaches, and strategic consultants who are looking to grow a thriving, profitable business that can weather the constant change that seems to be our world’s reality.

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