Step 1: Filling Your Sales Pipeline with Right-Fit Clients, with Erik Jensen

Episode 27

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Erik Jensen is the chief strategy officer at Predictive and a co-owner. Predictive helps clients build their authority positions in the niche(s) they want to serve — and then — monetize that position in the form of a sales pipeline filled with a steady stream of right-fit clients.

But often — Erik has conversations with agency owners, business coaches, and consultants (that’s our tribe here at Predictive ROI) — and he’s asked questions like…

“Hey — how do I get my list to buy more of my stuff.”

Here’s the reality — you can “get” your “list” to “buy your stuff.” What you CAN do is prove over and over again that you can help solve business issues and challenges they care about deeply.

So let’s reframe. Instead of the earlier question — we’d like you to consider three variables as the starting point for solving the equation of increasing sales.

The first variable is WHO.

The second variable is WHAT.

And the third variable is HOW.

Over the next three episodes of the podcast — Erik will join Stephen to work through the three variables of WHO — WHAT — and HOW they can work together to fill your sales pipeline.

We’re going to define each.

We’ll share specific examples in full transparency.

And — we’ll share any helpful frameworks along the way.


Because no matter how long you’ve been running your business — no matter how much experience you have — no matter how successful you’ve been — if we lose sight of the fundamentals…we lose our way, and we start showing up as “buy more of my stuff.”

Whether you show up that way by accident or not — it feels like a whole lot of not awesome for your clients and prospects.

Think of this episode as the “Starting Block” — it’s time to get set…here we go.

What you will learn about in this episode:

  • The three ingredients in the right-fit client avatar recipe
  • How your client stories can connect to your prospect’s “psychographics”
  • How to win the “heart” with the pain-pleasure principle followed by winning the “head”
  • Why “hope” is the strongest decision-making force
  • How to share your right-fit client avatar with a prospective client during an actual biz dev meeting

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