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Episode 91: Speaking Opportunities, with Katy and Gretchen

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Speaking Opportunities? Level up your communication skills by exploring our guide to discover and maximize valuable Speaking Opportunities.

On this episode of Sell With Authority, the topic is one that we’ve not yet addressed — how to share your expertise, insights, and wisdom from the stage as a speaker. We are talking about why speaking on stage can be a game-changer.

As Drew McLellan and I wrote about in our book, Sell With Authority, one of the most compelling reasons to consider speaking is the power of a third-party endorsement. When you’re invited to speak at a conference, there’s an implied stamp of approval that certifies you as an expert.

Speaking from the stage is not just about the content you deliver in that moment. It can be the cornerstone of your content strategy, taking your expertise to new heights. Speaking as cornerstone content creates an intimate connection with your audience that’s hard to replicate in any of the other forms of content you might produce.

Speaking opportunities will showcase your expertise confidently. The journey to becoming a sought-after speaker has its challenges. That’s why we are dedicating today’s episode to tackling the constraints. We explore how to get on stage and — more importantly — how to leverage the opportunities before and after your speech with a three-pronged strategy.

To help us do that — I invited Katy Boos and Gretchen Schaffer from Remix Communications to share their insights about speaking opportunities. Remix Communications specializes in positioning their clients on prestigious stages, helping them reach and influence their right-fit prospects.

We also have a special guest with us today, Hannah Roth — our mad scientist and strategist at Predictive. With her unique perspective from working in the trenches, day in and day out, alongside clients, Hannah provides additional insights into building authority positions through cornerstone and cobblestone content.

If you take and apply the gold nuggets in this episode, you will be ready to crush 2024 and make it your most successful and profitable year yet — because you thought strategically about how you can be helpful by sharing the right stories and in front of the right audiences.

What you will learn in this episode is about speaking opportunities:

  • How Remix Communications creates a marriage of thought leadership and speaking on stage
  • Why you need a three-pronged strategy to maximize your speaking opportunities
  • How Katy and Gretchen prepare the speakers they work with
  • Why keeping the audience in mind first and focusing on the right message is crucial
  • The Remix Communications methodology of going beyond the room
  • Strategies you can apply today to show up with excellence in speaking opportunities


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