Sales Closing Techniques Without Feeling Like You’re Closing, with Hannah Roth

Episode 48

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Hannah Roth is Predictive ROI’s mad scientist and strategist (That is her actual title, by the way). Her background as a Fisheries Biologist coupled with her experience as a small business owner has allowed her to offer a unique perspective synthesizing data analysis with strategic insights.

Hannah often works in the trenches helping clients define and achieve their business goals, overcome challenges, and find new opportunities for growth. She loves helping people, and being on the front lines alongside agency owners, coaches, and strategic consultants is where she thrives.

Hannah holds a Bachelor of Science from Valdosta State University and is currently enrolled in Harvard Business School with a focus on Business Strategy.

I asked Hannah to join me on this episode of Sell With Authority to share her insights on a sales closing technique that we use here at Predictive ROI in our own business development. It’s called seeding and opening loops, and it removes friction from the sales process.

And – HOLY BANANAS – her perspective and wisdom around this powerful business strategy will be super helpful for the next time you are meeting with a right-fit client!

What you will learn in this episode: 

  • How we define seeding and opening loops
  • The ingredients in the recipe for seeding and opening loops
  • Why it is crucial to keep your client’s lens in the center when seeding and opening loops
  • How to seed and open loops with an existing client
  • How to use this sales closing technique with right-fit prospects
  • Ways that you can take and apply this sales process  in your business development strategy

Ways to contact Hannah:

Fill Your Sales Pipeline Q&A

LIVE Wednesdays at 1:00 pm Eastern / 12 Noon Central

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