Closing A Deal In Sales

Episode 50: Closing A Deal In Sales, with St John Craner

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Closing a deal in sales — Gain practical strategies, build influence, and seal the deal confidently. Closing a deal in sales simplified.  

St John Craner is the Founder of Agrarian, an agency based in New Zealand that helps agribusinesses grow using digital strategies and marketing campaigns. They provide instruction and coaching to underperforming rural sales teams by utilizing sales psychology and human-centered selling techniques that can significantly enhance sales performance.

St John and his team work with their clients to develop a customized strategic sales system to generate consistent leads and income. Specifically, they focus on the principles of sales psychology, which will be the main topic of our discussion today, centered around closing a deal in sales.

Closing a deal in sales? During our conversation, St John tells us why he believes selling is the root cause of sales problems. We’ll explore strategies for generating curiosity, building influence, and ultimately closing deals without making prospective clients feel pressured. Join us and listen in while St John takes us behind the curtain and shares how we can signal buyer safety because he believes you will close more sales when you do it correctly.

What you will learn in this episode is about closing a deal in sales :

  • The principles of sales psychology and human-centered selling, with a focus on closing a deal in sales.
  • How we can signal buyer safety to our right-fit prospects
  • Why St John believes the problem with sales is selling
  • How we can generate small but impactful moments of curiosity that pique the potential client’s interest and encourage them to engage in meaningful conversations
  • The power of the phrase “Tell me more” in the process of closing a deal in sales.
  • Why positioning and pricing are correlated


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