How to Grow Your Agency Through Community and Collaboration, with Jay Owen

Episode 117

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I’m thrilled to welcome Jay Owen to this episode of Sell With Authority. Jay is the Founder and CEO of Business Builders, and this is a bit of an encore because Jay and I connected a few years ago for episode 777 of Onward Nation.

Today’s conversation is packed with insights you can apply to your own agency — to help you sell more effectively by focusing on how we help our clients grow as the catalyst for our own success.

By leaning in to assist our audience, right-fit prospects, and clients, we can guide them through their most pressing business issues, challenges, and roadblocks. When we help them achieve their most vital priorities, remarkable things happen for them — and for us.

Jay’s mission, shared by his team, is to help others grow their businesses because when we do that, good things happen. Jay has a vision for assisting other agency owners in overcoming the persistent challenges we all face.

Or — more candidly — those issues we repeatedly bang our heads against the wall over.

If you take and apply the insights and wisdom Jay shares during this episode — you and your team can find new ways to lean into the recurring issues and challenges your clients face — and then — find new, helpful solutions your clients will value — and value you more in the process.

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What you will learn in this episode:

  • How Jay scaled Business Builders from a small agency to a thriving enterprise
  • Internal leadership and management in navigating technological changes
  • Why outsourcing and a contract model can be the key to agility
  • The importance of maintaining core values during tough times
  • Why community and human connection are crucial in today’s business world


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