How to Choose Your Niche, with Erik Jensen

Episode 12

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Erik Jensen is an owner and Chief Strategy Officer at Predictive ROI, a strategic digital marketing agency focused on helping agencies, coaches and consultants build and monetize an authority position.

If you have ever been told you need to be creating and sharing all sorts of content with your audience, but no one has shown you how it moves the needle for your business…PROI solves that.

Erik is all about helping business owners build more stable, profitable, and scalable businesses, not by shouting directions from below, but by helping shoulder owners’ burdens and hiking up the mountain alongside them.

What you will learn about in this episode:

  • How and why niching down is invaluable in attracting and serving clients
  • How agencies, coaches, and consultants can start fishing in the right ponds by stepping away from the sea of sameness
  • How the process of niching down with intentionality can produce complementary layers and relationships
  • Why asking the right questions and applying the right filters can help future-proof your business
  • Why viewing your company as a grapevine instead of a baby is essential for growth


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