Superconsumer Growth Strategies, with Eddie Yoon

Episode 76

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On this episode of Sell With Authority I’m joined by a guest who’s a true expert in superconsumer growth strategies, Eddie Yoon. Eddie is the Founder of Eddie Would Grow, a think tank and advisory firm that specializes in business growth strategy.

Eddie and his team have a remarkable track record of generating billion-dollar outcomes for their clients by harnessing the power of superconsumers. These strategies don’t just boost sales; they help create new categories and drive existing category growth.

Eddie is also the author of the book Superconsumers, published by Harvard Business Press. In his book, Eddie mapped out a framework that he designed to help companies just like yours and mine grow — but grow in sustainable — and I would argue — predictable ways.

Eddie and I talk through the framework. If you take and apply the insights, best practices, and wisdom Eddie shares during this episode — you and your team will have an even more crystal clear example of who your superconsumers are — and most importantly — how you can be helpful to them.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Who are your superconsumers
  • Who are your client’s superconsumers
  • How to find and engage with your most profitable and passionate clients
  • How just 10% of your clients can drive 30% -70% of your sales
  • How to best leverage superconsumer potential for your business and your clients


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