How to Be the Trusted Advisor During the Sales Process, with David Bonney

Episode 36

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David Bonney has been focused on sales execution and process for 15 years and is the CEO and founder of — which is a platform he and his team built and designed for sales trainers. He is also the author of the new book entitled “Buyer-Centric Selling.”

David is going to give us a rare look behind the curtain to the sales process — through the eyes of a sales expert. He is also going to give us a foundation around what he refers to as the Revenue Operations Lifecycle.

Additionally, he’s also going to walk us through what he calls the “Sales Playbook” and how to execute the playbook.

And — we’re going to break down The Sales Conversion Formula so you can better measure the sales performance within your shop — whether that’s your own performance — or — if you have multiple people playing different biz dev roles.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How David and his team built and designed for sales trainers
  • Ways to structure the first conversation with a prospect so they see we are all about them
  • The foundational blocks for David’s new book, “Buyer-Centric Selling”
  • Why David focusses on bottom performers to achieve increased performance levels from every team member
  • Key takeaways from “Buyer-Centric Selling”
  • The most effective ways to drive up predictable sales rep success


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