How to Rewire Leadership for Agency Growth, with Audrey Kwan

Episode 106

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When I sit down with agency owners and their teams for the first time, our conversations often revolve around the same themes — where new clients are coming from, how engaged their email lists are, and the consistency (or lack thereof) in sharing valuable content to grow their audiences.

And without fail — I hear something along these lines:

“We’re the cobbler’s kids, Stephen. We know what we should be doing, and ironically, we’re doing that work for our clients. But when it comes to our own agency, we either drop the ball entirely or we’re consistently inconsistent.”

Sound familiar?

Being consistently inconsistent is not just costing you opportunities — it’s costing you peace of mind. Having a predictable biz dev system in place can provide a sense of stability that’s priceless.

We often talk about the Sell with Authority methodology — and how it can solve these issues.

But for this episode of the podcast, I want to approach the cobbler’s kids syndrome from a slightly different angle.

That’s why I invited Audrey Kwan to join as our special guest expert today.

Audrey is the Founder of AJK Consulting Inc. and specializes in helping agency owners who are at capacity leverage systems and leadership to reclaim more of their time — time that can be dedicated to business development if they choose.

What sets Audrey apart is her deep understanding of how agencies, like yours and mine, operate from the inside out. Having worked alongside over 150 agency owners and their teams, she knows the ins and outs of agency life like few others.

This conversation with Audrey shines a light on the constraints, obstacles, and roadblocks that may be silently hindering your progress. We tackle the feast and famine of biz dev head-on — and address that nagging feeling that your agency is the cobbler’s kids.

Taking and applying the insights and wisdom Audrey shares during this episode will unlock opportunities so you’re equipped with the time, space, and capacity to Sell with Authority — and roar through 2024.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Steps for moving from agency doer to strategic leader
  • How to recognize and address avoidance behaviors that stifle growth
  • Why delegation isn’t just about passing tasks along
  • 4 pivotal leadership styles that empower your team
  • How to prioritize marketing as a key CEO activity


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