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Episode 596

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Yigal Adato is a leadership expert, speaker, and an executive coach to business owners and is on a mission to build a legion of leaders. He dedicates himself to helping business owners master self-leadership skills, make more money, stress less, and have more freedom to do what they love. Yi – gall is also the Founder of “Unlock the Leader” and the host of the show “Small Business – Big Leaders.”

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • How to unlock the leadership potential within yourself
  • Finding a different avenue of leadership to reduce the stress in your life
  • How to be a great leader by having clarity, courage, and commitment
  • Why learning to delegate can lead to having more time to do what you love
  • Working on yourself in all areas of life to help you become a better leader
  • Why not being afraid to be honest is a critical skill to master
  • The importance of setting boundaries within your work and personal life
  • Why as a leader you need to humble and learn to apologize when you are wrong
  • Being clear about exactly where your business stands at the moment
  • How having integrity and being nice to your employees and customers leads to success

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