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Episode 517

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Vinnie Fisher is an entrepreneur, author, husband, and father. Vinnie left a successful law practice as a corporate and tax attorney in 2007 to drive his passion as an entrepreneur. After a few successful businesses in the digital space, Vinnie discovered a much needed service for business owners, so in 2014, he launched his next venture called, Fully Accountable, an accounting solution called ‘Your Back Office’ that provides owners and accounting professionals with the tools to excel at accounting, human resources and legal. Vinnie is also the author of two books, “The Best Investment: A Better You” and “The CEO’s Mindset: How to Break Through to the Next Level.”

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • The #2 reason small businesses fail and how to avoid it
  • The key fact 5.9 million businesses need to hear about
  • Why sometimes the first step to being profitable is cutting revenue streams
  • Vinnie’s “game changer” habit that helps him practice simplicity and focus
  • A practical tip to discover where chunks of time are going
  • How devotional time and daily prayer help Vinnie focus
  • What a multimillion dollar loss taught Vinnie about himself and how that’s changed how he sees problems in his company now
  • The difference between being content and being complacent
  • Why understanding “wealth has wings” is integral to success
  • The critical skill all entrepreneurs should have regarding time
  • An important lesson Vinnie learned from the Spiritual Discipline Handbook: Practices that Transform Us by Adele Calhoun
  • Why 71% of business owners leave their accountants
  • How “toilet bowl marketing” is the primary reason small businesses fail
  • Marketing tips based on Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Swartz
  • Why “knowledge is power is a lie”


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