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Episode 14

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Tony Parinello created his own brand of sales training called Selling to VITO™, the Very Important Top Officer in 1995. Today, he is trusted by the majority of Fortune 1,000 and over 2.5 million sales people in more than 30 countries to help them create bigger deals in less time.

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Secret — timesaving technique

Start your day doing something you love to do, identify a time during the day when you can do your best work, and get the hardest task out of the way first. ONWARD!

Daily habit that contributes to success

Tony tries to develop an unshakeable belief that is derived from identifying a single purpose.

Could have ruined your business — but now —  an invaluable learning experience

Tony was ready to release an audio album, but failed to deliver a pitch to a notable producer — and Tony tells the whole story here.

Most critical skill you think business owners need to master to be successful

“A business owner has to be able to look at the end result and make it a priority before everything else.”

Most influential lesson learned from a mentor

“Size does not matter and it never will.”


Final Round — “Breaking Down the Recipe for Success”


What systems would you go back and put into place sooner?

“I would put a system in place that could help with leveraging distribution points and international channels.”

What one strategy or “recipe” would compound into big wins for business owners?

You have to make it clear to the marketplace that your organization has an unshakable belief in their product or service.

How to exceed expectations and add the most value?

An individual that can think independently, but still understands how their thoughts align with the organization.

What strategy would you recommend new business owners focus on to best ensure success?

  1. Understand your purpose.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  3. Find a reliable mentor.

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