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Episode 479

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Tom Hogan is the author of “THE ULTIMATE START-UP GUIDE: Marketing Lessons, War Stories, And Hard-Won Advice From Leading Venture Capitalists And Angel Investors,” has more than 25-years of marketing experience, including roles as vice president of marketing at Oracle, Borland, Lucent, and VitalSigns Software. As Oracle’s original creative director, he managed the global advertising, direct marketing, seminar/trade show, and creative departments.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Tom’s background
  • The story behind how Tom & his partner launched 45 startups in the last 8 years with Crowded Ocean
  • The four levels of marketing in hi-tech today
  • How sales-based marketing works
  • The importance of listening to the guys on the front-line
  • How to structure your company & what to hire to
  • Why Tom tells his startups that they only need two marketing employees
  • Why you have to hire by function – not by intelligence
  • Why you have to base your business on what the market is telling you


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