Love is Just Damn Good Business, with Steve Farber

Episode 911

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Steve Farber is the founder of The Extreme Leadership Institute, an organization devoted to changing the world through the cultivation and development of extreme leaders in business, nonprofits, education, and beyond. Listed on Inc.’s ranking of the Top 50 Leadership and Management Experts in the world, and #1 on Huffington Post’s 12 Business Speakers to See, Farber is a bestselling author, popular keynote speaker, and a seasoned leadership coach and consultant who has worked with a vast array of public and private organizations in virtually every arena.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Why Steve named his new book “Love Is Just Damn Good Business: Do What You Love in the Service of People Who Love What You Do”
  • Why it’s important to consider how you show the love you have for your customers or clients in a clear, repeatable way
  • Why there is a common and persistent belief that love has no place in business, and why Steve set out to prove otherwise
  • Steve shares key takeaways and lessons from his book that can directly contribute to a business’s growth and success
  • Steve shares an example of a real company that had high turnover and went through bankruptcy and how they managed to turn things around by creating a great culture
  • What first actionable steps Steve recommends you take to be able to identify and more consistently show your love for your business and customers
  • Why Steve’s strategy is applicable to every kind and size of business in an industry-agnostic way


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