How feedback helps you grow faster, with Shannon Adkins

Episode 760

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Shannon Adkins is the President and CEO of Future State, a consulting firm that works with companies and their leaders to help them realize their “Future State” and remain productive inside a constant state of change. In 1996, she started working for a small company, Tech Prose, where she successfully started the web division. Shannon worked for numerous startups and tech companies before returning to Tech Prose, where she helped to revive the company. The changes led to a doubling in revenue in 24-months, new offerings, new clients, new leaders, and a new name, Future State, where she has served as the CEO since 2015.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • A take-away lesson that Shannon learned early on in her career
  • Why we need more businesses that recognize that people should be their most strategic asset — not profit
  • The benefits of building your culture with intention
  • How to ensure that your system works cohesively
  • The power of knowing what makes your business unique
  • Why you need to ask for and receive feedback through every interaction that you have
  • How it’s not about what you know — it’s about what you’re willing to learn
  • Creating outrageous visions for yourself

Ways to contact Shannon:

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