Have short-term patience, with Scott Dubois.

Episode 526

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Scott Dubois is the co-founder of Pidalia, a digital agency in Boston, that provides clients with solutions to their challenges in advertising, software design, and business process management. Scott specializes in media selection, campaign strategy, and analytics and applies his knowledge of business processes through consultation with clients. His consulting focuses on enhancing his clients’ relationships with existing audiences and helping them reach new audiences. Scott is also an internationally recognized speaker on the topics of marketing strategy, user engagement, and cross-media communications.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • The tool Scott uses to prioritize and organize his daily thoughts
  • Creating a habit of starting the day at Inbox Zero and how Scott achieves it
  • A great learning experience that taught Scott to always do right by the client
  • Mastering the skill of short-term patience
  • An important lesson that Scott learned on how to view things in the proper perspective and why not to overreact to conditions
  • Implementing a project management system sooner rather than later
  • The benefits of looking at other companies in the same vertical and applying the same successes that were achieved with other companies
  • The importance of pitching and communicating value
  • Why you shouldn’t try to be all things to all people


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