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Rita Schiano is the founder of Live A Flourishing Life™, which provides strategic, resilience-building, personal, and professional development programs that strengthen work relationships through team building, stress management, effective communication, and critical and creative thinking skills. As a former corporate vice president and small business owner, Rita’s leadership knowledge, strategies, and insights draw from both sides of the aisle. Rita is also the author of several books, including “Live A Flourishing Life” as well as numerous articles for The Huffington Post and Psychology Today.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Rita’s background
  • Why having excellent time management techniques are so important to success & controlling stress
  • Why Rita is a big proponent of the to-do list
  • Why it’s important to understand the elements of leadership
  • The importance of discipline & having a schedule
  • Setting your intentions for the day
  • Exploring ideas in a critical & creative way
  • The value of having integrity & being authentic with people
  • Why you need to quit using the word ‘fail’ & how to view it in a different way
  • Keeping focused on your message & mission


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