May 8, 2019

Exit strategies and escape plans, with Randy Tate

Episode 884:

Public educator, entrepreneur, and CEO of the financial technology company of iFlip Investor, Randy Tate combines Silicon Valley style with his partner and CTO Kelly Korshak’s Wall Street savvy, creating a software to help the ordinary investor preserve, protect and grow their wealth.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What Randy and his team at iFlip have been working on since Randy’s previous appearance on Onward Nation in episode 658
  • Why iFlip is on track for 1000% growth this year, and how they have been developing a stock trading app that will be free to the end user
  • Why diversification isn’t actually the secret to mitigating investment risk, and why the true secret is to avoid losses
  • Why losses and fees compound dangerously and why that fact is aggravated by a lack of industry transparency
  • Why Randy believes that every business owner must financially plan for life after their business
  • How iFlip’s software anticipated the Q4 2018 market dip and had already moved 87% of the money the software manages into cash before the dip
  • Why Randy defines “success” as the ability to continually create new possibilities for yourself
  • How Randy has overcome fear in his own career, and why acknowledging your fear is the key to beating it
  • Why efficiency is the key to iFlip’s software, as well as the key to its continued business success
  • Why Randy suggests you automate everything you can as early as you can so that you can more effectively scale

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