Do something uncomfortable, with Nancy Bleeke

Episode 598

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Nancy Bleeke has spent years in the trenches as a Sales Professional, Sales Manager, and Sales Coach. She is the winner of the Top Sales World Magazine’s 2013 Gold Medal Book Award for ‘Conversations That Sell’, declared a “must-read” for sales teams around the world. Nancy’s practical focus since 1998 has been equipping companies to grow Sales, Customer Loyalty, and Employee Engagement through customized Training, Consulting, Assessments, and effective Processes.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Looking at sales as simply helping others through the decision making process
  • The need for more technical sales training in multiple business fields
  • How to overcome overwhelming and scary feelings about being a salesperson
  • The importance of finding a positive mentor to lean on in times of struggles
  • How stepping out of your comfort zone may push you to success
  • Why learning to sell is a critical skill to master in business
  • The importance of identifying your approach to doing business
  • Building trust with your potential clients and existing customers
  • The power of having transparency and being genuine in your sales approach
  • The importance of not losing sight of the enjoyment and fun your business provides you

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