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Episode 456

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Michael Sacca is the President of Crew and Host of He started his career by moving to LA and pursuing music. After three years of waiting tables and little success, he decided to teach himself how to code. He used his coding skills to launch Tiny Factory, a web development agency that won clients like GE and Kobe Bryant. While running Tiny Factory, he started the Rocketship podcast and built many other apps and products. One of those products was recently acquired. Michael joined Crew two years ago as Head of Partnerships and has now taken over as President. Companies have trusted Crew to source freelancers for over $30 million in design and development projects.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Michael’s background
  • Why, in the tech world, it’s not about your resume – it’s about your performance
  • How Michael’s daily approach to focus & preparation is different than most
  • The importance of looking at your data & checking on the health of your business
  • Why Michael believes that communication is such a critical skill to master in order to thrive
  • Why, as a business owner, you need to be the best one at communicating your vision of the company
  • Why it’s so important to give your employees the tools that they need to succeed
  • Why you should continue to look at the systems & processes you have in place during different levels of growth
  • Why you should hire specialists underneath generalists
  • Why it’s vital to validate your business idea & do customer research


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