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Episode 514

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Michael Papanek is the author of “FROM BREAKDOWN TO BREAKTHROUGH: Forging Resilient Business Relationships In The Heat Of Change” and is the principal and founder of Michael Papanek Consulting. Michael has over 30 years of expertise leading successful large-scale initiatives and increasing the performance of people and organizations in complex, competitive markets. Michael works with senior leaders facing new challenges, due to either an expanded role, new business targets, new strategies, or other key change initiatives, mostly in large organizations and fast-growing high tech companies in complex global markets.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • How Michael went from a people-averse programmer to a leadership mentor
  • The lessons Michael learned from starting a business in 2008
  • How working with a team and having a coach helps Michael get things done
  • Why Michael believes that “no one’s done anything significant by themselves”
  • Michael’s surprising daily practice that helps him to focus
  • Michael’s takeaway lesson from his biggest professional challenge
  • A definition of perspective to help you stay true to your values
  • What “Action Learning” is and the benefits it has
  • The important business asset to have when times are tough
  • How scarcity thinking can prevent you from having the business you want
  • Why the universe does not react well to ambiguity when beginning a business
  • How a CFO would have gotten him to his goal 50% faster
  • Definition of “resilient relationships” and how to develop them
  • Strategies and advice for new entrepreneurs


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