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Episode 994

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Mary Shores is an innovative collection agency owner, communication expert, and best-selling author who transforms people’s words to help them fall back in love with their work and their customers. Fifteen years ago, Mary discovered a game-changing formula to connect to your customers and clients. It all started with a Do-Not-Say List and grew into an entire strategy that will fix your relationships and grow your business.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What big changes Mary has experienced in her business and strategic thinking since her previous appearance in Onward Nation episode 781
  • How realizing the power of validation communication transformed Mary’s business and created profound opportunities
  • How the myriad challenges of 2020 showed us that transparency is a powerful and vital communication tool that builds brand trust and strengthens relationships
  • Why strong transparency is the first step in clearly defining and articulating your strategy to those outside your organization
  • Why the way we have been conditioned to speak is opposite to how we can actually create a real connection, and why we must learn to communicate differently
  • How neuroscience shows that validation communication is a powerful trust builder, and why validating feelings of the people you’re speaking with matters
  • Why the secret recipe of “validate, activate, integrate” can transform your relationships with your customers and anyone you interact with
  • How the global pandemic has presented a golden opportunity for Mary to teach other debt collection agencies how to communicate with greater empathy and understanding
  • What words appear on Mary’s “Do-Not-Say List” in her debt collection business, and why those particular words are banned
  • Why now is the ideal time to experience exponential growth in your business and career through the extraordinary power of collaboration


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