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Episode 640

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Kylie Wright-Ford is the co-author of THE LEADERSHIP MIND SWITCH, a C-level executive, board member, speaker, entrepreneur, avid traveler, and farmer. She was most recently the chief operating and strategy officer for World 50, a company that exists to connect executives with their peers for conversations about topics like leadership, sustainability, global politics, and how to keep up with digital innovation.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • A lesson on how you should be open to all that’s possible in life
  • Why having a routine can be a potential enemy
  • How prioritization is key to everyone, not only in business but in life
  • Why co-writing the book, “The Leadership Mind Switch,” was important to Kylie
  • Why legacy, heritage & culture are so important
  • The most critical skill that business owners need to master to be successful in the coming future
  • The importance of coming up with your own “playbook” and competing with yourself
  • Setting up a culture where everyone can thrive
  • How the best lessons can come from your customers if you’re in business
  • Being aware of what’s going on around you at any given time

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