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Episode 512

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Karla Nelson has built several businesses and has learned that in business and in life, “Relationships Are Everything.” And now she had put it all in a form that’s easy to learn and use: The People Catalysts which is also the name of her super-awesome podcast which I highly recommend that you download. Karla and her team have used Who-Do Method with 25 of the Fortune 100 and dozens of mid-market companies and startups. Typically, they cut 50-80% off cycle time and produce better results with happier people. The Who-do Method’s client list includes Target, Best Buy, Disney, Comcast, 3M, Amazon, General Mills, HP, Coca-Cola, Deloitte, Cargill, Chase, US Bank, State Farm Insurance, IBM and many other corporate market leaders.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • The Who-Do method and a breakdown of the four roles that make it up
  • The constraints to grow within a company and getting everyone properly aligned with their roles and responsibilities
  • The importance of making relationships a priority on your checklist
  • The two things that can cost your business the most
  • How every challenge can always be brought back to a people or leadership problem
  • The importance of connecting with other human beings
  • Why you need to be coachable even as a leader
  • Empowering other people to be the leader of their work and owning their space
  • Speaking in context, not content, when speaking to your team


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