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Episode 447

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He has a background in accounting that he gained from a variety of other business ventures. Apex Fun Run’s passion is to help teachers, students, and schools. His company partners with schools to raise funds for equipment and other campus needs through a two-week character-building and leadership program that culminates with a student “run” to raise donations for schools. Students ask people they know to pledge money for each completed lap. Apex Fun Run raises more money for schools than any other fundraiser, averaging about $23,000.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Jeremy’s background
  • Jeremy’s fundraising program: Apex Fun Run
  • Why Jeremy believes in having a daily, top 5 priority list
  • Why Jeremy takes every day as a challenge to do his best
  • The huge impact that Apex Fun Run has had on kids nationwide
  • Why you can’t do it all as an entrepreneur — and why that’s okay
  • Why Jeremy believes delegation is so critical to success
  • Why failure and making mistakes is not always a bad thing
  • Focusing on something that you are passionate about that has a demand
  • Why you need to go “all in”


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