Why you need a wall of Post-it notes, with Jakob Heuser

Episode 790

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Jakob Heuser is the Owner and Principal of Lead SV — a consulting firm that develops custom learning and development solutions for engineering organizations and the teams they impact…with the goal of helping them retain their talent. Jakob has over 15 years experience leading people in both technical and management roles and loves the intersection of people and engineering and the challenges that emerge from that relationship.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Jakob’s focus on human-centered instruction and how it’s customized for the learner, not optimized for the instructor
  • How training needs to be real, relevant and repeatable to make an impact
  • The importance of defining what success looks like to you
  • Why it’s vital to put into practice what you learn in training
  • Why you need to put a time-box on your goals
  • How turning off your email notifications during the day can help you be more productive
  • Why it’s critical in business to ask people what they really want
  • The value of committing to the idea of always being better
  • How Jakob uses a stream of post-it notes to stay organized
  • How the pursuit of learning can contribute to your success as a business owner

Ways to contact Jakob:

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LIVE Wednesdays at 1:00 pm Eastern / 12 Noon Central

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