Clarity trumps persuasion, with Dr. Flint McGlaughlin.

Episode 41

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Dr. Flint McGlaughlin the founder of MECLABS, the world’s largest independent research institution focused on offer response optimization. His work has led to many discoveries regarding the philosophy of human choice, experimental design, and the cognitive psychology of conversion. Dr. McGlaughlin has written or edited more than 250 articles and texts, he has won multiple awards, and he has been quoted in more than 13,000 online and offline sources.

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  • Don’t optimize offers or websites — optimize thought-sequences — by gauging the perception of value-force and value-cost


  1. You have to do something fundamentally different
  2. Limit internal arrogance at the leadership level derived from ignoring consumers
  3. Limit the all-in risk — focus on small discoveries that compound

Actionable Steps:

  1. Try to see through the lense of the consumer
  2. Employ the consumer mindset — understand their thought-sequence
  3. Speak in their vernacular — ineffective communication proves to be costly


  • Clarity trumps persuasion — once you can articulate the value with clarity — you will get an answer in return.

Value Proposition:

  • Focus on developing a clear value-proposition — with an emphasis on the consumer and channel of communication.

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