Gratitude, Give, and Grace, with Drew McLellan.

Episode 167

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Drew McLellan is a 25-year marketing veteran who helps clients create authentic love affairs with their customers. In 1995, Drew started his own agency — McLellan Marketing Group. He also helps other agency owners learn how to take their business to the next level through the consultancy — Agency Management Institute.

Drew is also one of the world’s top marketing and branding bloggers, according to AdAge’s Top 150 index. He’s written the book 99.3 Random Acts of Marketing and co-edited the Age of Conversation series of books.

He has appeared in the New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, Businessweek and Fortune Small Business. The Wall Street Journal calls him one of 10 bloggers that every entrepreneur should read.

Drew also hosts the brilliant Build a Better Agency Podcast.

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What do you do in the first 60 minutes of your day?

Drew gets up, goes for a walk, eats breakfast, and then starts on the task he wants to do least — and start and end your day in gratitude. ONWARD!

Favorite quote or lesson?

“Gratitude, Give, and Grace.”

How do you define success?

Success for Drew is freedom — but don’t let other people your definition of success.

What strategy do you use to combat fear?

Drew assumes that he will figure it out — and Drew tells the reasons why here.

What makes as “A player” an “A player”?

An “A player” has the things you can’t teach.


Final Round – “Breaking Down the Recipe for Success”


How can we become better mentors?

  1. Be willing to have difficult conversations
  2. Ask better questions — don’t give your mentees all the answers
  3. Be present — commiserate and celebrate
  4. Be regular with your mentorship

How can we build an audience?

  1. Figure out what you have to offer and pick the platform that makes the most sense
  2. Bring all of you to the platform you choose — don’t be stiff and rigid

How can business owners reach that elusive next level?

  1. Recognize that the next level is optional — sometimes bigger isn’t better
  2. Know what you’re willing to sacrifice
  3. Define where you want to land — then figure out the baby steps

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