Great ideas are not valuable without execution, with Dr. Alan Pitt.

Episode 378

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Dr. Alan Pitt is an attending physician and professor at the Barrow Neurological Institute, a national center of excellence in Phoenix, Arizona. He is also an entrepreneur engaging with multiple companies in the device and health IT space. His current focus is on medical collaboration and technologies bringing care teams together. In addition to his clinical responsibilities, Dr. Pitt is the chief medical officer of Avizia, a global provider of telemedicine services. He is also the author of a popular blog at

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Alan’s background
  • Why team is most important in the healthcare arena
  • Why you need work with someone who understands healthcare if you want to start a healthcare based business
  • The challenges business has that healthcare does not
  • Why — if you want to affect change — you need to be the change
  • Why you need to guard your cash like its your own blood
  • Recognizing personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Big challenges facing the investment community today
  • Getting technology not just created but adopted
  • Why you need partners that help mitigate risk
  • Why you need to fully understand the problem and the competition in the space
  • Why you need to begin to think about your exit strategy before you start


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