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Episode 438

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David Mammano’s mission in life is to help people realize their highest potential. He founded the Next Step Education Group in 1995 and successfully grew the business over 20-years making the Inc Magazine list multiple times. One of his greatest achievements was building a culture of high-performance within his team. Then Dave turned Next Step Education Group over to his leadership team so he could focus his time and energy toward his passion for helping other business owners realize their highest potential. And that is what we are going to dig into today during this special encore interview.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Why David started Next Step magazine
  • Why David elected to franchise the magazine out into different regions instead of taking it national
  • Why moving the magazine from print to digital wasn’t enough and why David turned Next Step into a college planning training program
  • David’s why: helping others — especially teens — find their own why
  • Why you need to keep your ego in your back pocket, never feel satisfied, and push for more
  • Why David started Avanti to coach entrepreneurs
  • Avanti Summit: David’s one-day boot camps for entrepreneurs
  • Mangiamo: David’s mastermind group and why it’s a great resource for entrepreneurs that want to reach the next level
  • Avanti Entrepreneur: David’s podcast
  • Why you can’t be afraid to change the rules as an entrepreneur
  • Why you need to change the definition of failure


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