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Episode 390

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Cindy Georghiou has more than two decades of retail industry experience and is an expert in the fashion and beauty industries. She began her career as an assistant buyer out of college, and moved up the corporate ladder to head buyer soon thereafter. She then made the move to the wholesale side for sales, product development, and e-commerce. In 2006, Cindy and a partner launched BlueSource Inc., a full-service web design company where she acquired extensive knowledge and experience in e-commerce, design, and merchandising. Then in 2012, Cindy and a partner acquired the intellectual property for JAQUA, one of today’s fastest emerging natural bath and body brands.

What you’ll learn about in this episode

  • Cindy’s background
  • Cindy’s strategy for keeping her email organized
  • Why it’s so vital to be flexible
  • Why Cindy and her team had to downsize because of uncertainty with a client
  • Why you can’t get tied into the minutia
  • Not sweating the small stuff
  • Why you need to secure funding early
  • Why your best employees must be persistent
  • Understanding you market
  • Setting up your path for success


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